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  We at Pritchard & Griffiths are dedicating this part of our new website to the remembrance of those, who are sadly no longer with us. Any entry on this page will remain here for 12months. All entries are listed in date order. If you have chosen us to help with funeral arrangements, then we invite you to add your loved one to this page. For more details and an entry form please click here .
Irene Bessie Smith

Irene Bessie Smith

Irene Smith “Grandma Irene” Shared her love for trains and the railroad with her grandson Francis Urban Smith. He was proud of his grandmother’s volunteer work with the Welsh Highland Railway. Francis grew up knowing his grandmothers dedication to animal rescue and was very fond of her sheep dogs Meg and Polly. Francis loved his visits to grandma’s cottage at Tyddyn Ysguboriau. He remembers grandma’s hot chocolate and her beautiful garden with award winning flowers. Grandma Irene was a published writer with a great interest in history and conservation. In 2010, she dedicated a story to her grandson titled “Memories of Cycling”.

Francis is thankful he was able to let his grandmother know he was going to college with a major in Physics. His grandmother sent him many pictures and books about science and astronomy. She will be sadly missed; her memory and accomplishments live on in her grandson Francis.

Bless You Grandma Irene

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